you know who you are

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when you told me you loved yourself more than me

i ran to my grandmas and stayed for a week

i didn't even clean

left my apartment a mess

like when you turned on your heel

and said wish you the best 

your jeans in my closet 

all this time

i had mistook them for ones

that look just like mine 

empty house full of sweaters 

bring your stuff I don’t mind


i don’t have a job

but what i do have his time

so when you told me 'i got you'

didn't plan for change of mind

couldn’t look far past each step

that i would take 

after you came clean

on your lunch break

when i looked up i saw

how far i'd come 

i just wish you knew

that’s what you should have done 


my sister came with a crown, chalk and ice cream 

she said fear not

he’s coming

he did you a favour

better now than later

she said who knows what he’s thinking

and by the way who cares frankly

he’s immature, but who’s counting


and so,

you actually said that it was a strain

to take me places, lending me time was a pain 

i said i moved meetings 

moved mountains to lunch with you

and that’s when you hung me to dry

but who knew