dry skin + winter skin care_fight the blues


I do not practise what I preach. Normally, I just wash my face and very rarely do I moisturize. But sometimes I get on roll with good habits. Here are some of those good habits.

dry face remedies

Do: Exfoliate physically and/or chemically 

A great lactic acid AHA chemical exfoliant is Sunday Riley's Good Genes. I use Nude's Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash as a physical exfoliant. 



Do: Moisturize day and night

Amore Pacific makes the most delicious dewy foundation that is extremely moisturizing. Taking it off at the end of the day reveals more hydrated skin with less redness. I stand by this product 100%. Pssst! Use a moisturizer with SPF. Just because it's winter doesn't mean our Ozone layer isn't still messed up.


Don't: Be exposed to extreme weather, inside + out

Avoid exposing your skin to the very cold outdoors and then to very warm indoor heating. Bundle up with scarves to eliminate the shock.



Don’t: Forget the clear stuff

Drink water! Not just for your skin, but for your body and soul. Your skin, your largest organ, is just an indicator of what’s going on inside, so listen to what it’s asking for!


Psst! If you're into skincare check out how I whooped acne in the butt in one month.


get rid of dry lips

Do: Wear lip masks to sleep.

This Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is out of this world. It’s insane. When I wake up it feels moisturized from the inside, out. I have the shade 'Champagne' so I have the option to wear it out.


Do: Exfoliate

Do this with a toothbrush and you'll remember to do it every night. Buy or make a lip scrub yourself.



Don't: Mess with drying lipsticks

Skip the drying liquid lipsticks and matte formulas if you're very dry. If you can't give up the matte finish try Maybelline's Vivid Matte Lipsticks. I have the colour Orange shot, but warning, these are not budge-proof!


wave extremely dry hands goodbye


Do: Lotion up on the reg

Any moisturizer will do. I use Aveda Hand Relief

Do: Wear gloves ALL the time

I went through a period where I declared myself too lazy/disorganized to remember to wear gloves. But now, I pack them in my purse so I always have them.


Don't: Use hand sanitizer

If you can help it, opt out of using hand sanitizer this season. Alcohol is dehydrating, which we all become very aware of Sunday mornings.

I copped this highly lavish and highly unnecessary soap dispenser from Zara Home.


say peace to dry skin patches ✌🏽

Do: Make a routine out of moisturizing after each shower

I’m a sucker for hot showers. I’ve noticed though that luke-warm water helps prevent flakiness. (but won’t help prevent your friends from flaking ;) )

Moisturize after every single shower. If you’re going to do any of these steps, do this one. Especially after using a razor.

I use this Soap and Glory Righteous Butter cream currently, but I'm not loyal to any one moisturizer at the moment. It's been said to smell like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.


Don't: Forget the loofa

Don’t skip the loofa. Use a loofa when you soap up and you’ll even start to notice those pesky red bumps on the back of the arms and thighs dissipate.

Let's stop and think about how much a loofah costs to make. Probably cents. So don't bother going out any buying a $40 loofah. Be reasonable here. 

So there you have it. If you have any hacks of your own you'd like to share, leave a comment down below. If you're just a plain old beauty hack junkie, check this article out, 7 beauty hacks not even your momma knows about.