why you shouldn't pet strange pigs_ nicaragua day 6


My pack is much lighter than what I had left with

but if I can't remember what I lost then it can't have been that important. I do know though, that I left my makeup eraser at the last hostel which is a tragedy in itself.

We're about to catch the ferry. Someone just swam from shore to retrieve the boat. I like how simple it is here. I feel like back home there would be a little boat to retrieve the big boat and quite possibly a littler boat to retrieve the little boat. Here we are on the ferry being cute.


We're spending the entire day on the sand

We deserve it. We've been working hard. Also, it's the first time we're seeing an ocean rather than a lake. I'm getting destroyed by a couple of waves and find more salt water up nose than on the beach. But nobody got as rocked by the waves as these guys did.


Kyle Shelbi and I make moves towards a general store down the dirt path and find fallen tamarinds on street and crack them open. I didn't even know a tamarind could taste like this. Makes tamarinds from back home seem bland.


Attack of the mama pig

Then as we're walking we see a bunch of piglets running happily, single file on someone's property. I come up with a grand idea that we need to pet them. Shelbi agrees while Kyle is trying to talk us out of it.

So we ask the owners if we can come in and pet their piggies. Kyle tries to pick one up but it squeals and scratches him and the mother pig comes charging at him.

Kyle said he saw his life flash before his eyes. Classic male, female dynamic. The woman comes up with this amazing idea and the man takes the heat. 


After dinner at Ruamoko Hostel, we grab a couple of drinks do some light partying and I'm ready to call it a night. I've emptied all my pack's contents on my bed so I'm going to squish myself between my sunscreen and shoes and clothes and whatever else. As usual, tomorrow morning is going to be an early one.

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