what is love


baby don't hurt, don't hurt me, no more

I used to think love was this exclusive feeling that you reserve for certain people. Like, I love my mom my dad, my sister my girlfriend. Maybe some close friends. I would say my idea of love has changed over time.

I think you can love everyone and anything at any given time. And I think that the more easily you love the happier and more enlightened you are. The easier you love a stranger, your family, your friends, your enemies (there's a thought), an animal a rock (don't you roll your eyes at me), the easier you can forgive, empathize and feel gratitude. I don't know. To me, they all seem connected.

how to say i love you

When I'd first hear "I love you" from my significant other, it was exciting. It still is.

Maybe I'm spoiled but now I think it's cheap. It's so defaulty. There are so many other ways to say it. I hear it in: I appreciate you, I care about you, I can't wait to see you. Are you cold? I'll walk the dog, when's the last time you ate? What did you do today? Buckle up Michy. I'll come with you to the doctor. Take your time, I'll wait. I forgive you. I'm proud of you. 

OK, maybe I was hard on "I love you", it's not cheap. I'm sorry "I love you". 


i saw an angel

I was on the subway and I saw an angel.

Also, I didn't realize until now that I am James Blunt.

This woman had to be in her very late years. She had white, white hair, a bright yellow scarf covering her head and bright green eyes. Her skin drooped with age. She was missing most of her teeth. She had to have been the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. So naturally, I was taken aback when she told me she thought I was beautiful. 

I saw her mouth something to me, so I took my headphones out. "Pardon?" In a thick accent, she said, "you're so beautiful". I told her "you're so beautiful." She said, "I love you," and I said, "I love you too." We were both smiling. My stop came so I waved to her and I got up and left.

I never saw her again but it was a turning point for me in my realization that a) it's possible to be 102 and still choose to love the world and b) that love is free.