kayaking through heaven_ nicaragua day 5


I'm woken up by a pounding on my door at 9 am

Can't believe it's already day cinco.

I get in a double kayak with Chris where we have very poor communication. We're going -3 km/h and it feels like we're going out of our way to bump into everything. But we're having a great conversation which makes up for it. 

We get there... and this swamp man. It's as if we're paddling through a grassy field, there's so much floating vegetation. There are canopies draping overheard. Howling monkeys respond when you talk to them, and there's white cranes and massive iguanas.


We paddle back in a much-needed downpour. When Brett later says to one of the staff "we got caught in a storm there," he laughs and says "that was not a storm. Last storm we lost 60 cows 40 horses and a lot of dogs."

Chris and I sit down for a quick Investing 101 and Kyle joins us. I'm grateful to be surrounded by people that want to teach me. I keep saying "grateful, grateful," but that's how I feel and I don't know any other way to describe it. I'm grateful to feel grateful. I wish I was joking. 


And then I realize I've been burned 

I realize now that I've actually never been burnt. Might have been clever to wear sunscreen being so close to the equator. Just a thought. 


Magdelina then tells me she's going to do Yoga and I jump at the opportunity to join her. At one point I turn around and there's about 8 of us all practising together. It made me so happy. She comes around and adjusts us, touches our third eye. The sun sets completely and all of a sudden I'm aware of how important it is to move your body with your breath. I feel alert mentally and relaxed physically. The sun has set and now there are fireflies lighting up the field.  We all hug to finish off the practice. 

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