Toronto's Powerful Beautiful Women: Meet Susan


Pick one: Makeup / Skincare

Pick one: Natural / Glam makeup

Pick one: Luxury / Drugstore UGH can’t pick one… Okay drugstore

Your go-to makeup products:

Favourite beauty brands right now:

  • Charlotte Tilbury

  • Emryolisse

  • Nyx (always)

A makeup hack that everyone needs to know:

Line your lips (a bit!) with a brown pencil where you want to create shadows. Not in the 90s way though. An eyebrow pencil works!

Walk me through either your skincare or makeup routine:

It’s a mixed bag! I use moisturizer, concealer, eyeliner, lip balm, mascara and sometimes highlighter.

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be:

Pluck the ends of your eyebrows, which is actually the opposite of what everyone tells their younger selves. And learn to <3 water.

What makes a woman powerful & beautiful:

Tenacity & grit. Being able to rebound, regardless of the situation. Be open and warm with others.

A powerful beautiful woman you look up to and why:

My sister because she’s a girl boss and the best organizer!!

How are you hustling in Toronto right now:

Working on a brand… stay tuned ;)



Susan Bali