Toronto's Powerful Beautiful Women: Meet Madalin


Pick one: makeup / skin care

Pick one: natural / glam makeup

Pick one: luxury / drugstore   (drugstore makeup, luxury skincare products… save coins when possible, splurge when necessary)

Your go to makeup products:

  • Brow pencil

  • Concealer

  • Mascara

Favourite beauty brands right now?:

A makeup hack everyone needs to know :

I recently started working blush into my makeup routine and i look much more alive

Walk me through either your skincare or makeup routine:

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be:

I would tell her that she is THAT bitch and to dismiss anyone that makes her feel otherwise

What makes a woman powerful & beautiful:

Confidence, independence and self awareness

A powerful beautiful woman you look up to and why?:

My mom is my role model and my best friend. She taught me self defence from a young age, told me to never take any mans shit and that a woman should ALWAYS trust her gut instincts. Plus she pages me on the daily about not drinking enough water. I need that.

How are you hustling in Toronto right now? Or feel free to share goals you’re working towards:

I create and sell custom knit pieces! Besides that i work two jobs, and i’m finishing up my final year in my psychology degree at UofT.