Toronto's Powerful Beautiful Women: Meet Eartha


Pick one: Makeup / Skincare

Pick one: Natural / Glam makeup

Pick one: Luxury / Drugstore

Your go-to makeup products:

Favourite beauty brands right now:

Fenty Beauty. Diverse and inclusive brand run by Rihanna. What’s not to love?

A makeup hack that everyone needs to know:

  • A bad bitch always washes her face <3

  • You can always use more highlight. I love dusting some on my collarbones for some dimension and sparkle.

  • Don’t be afraid to be bold


Walk me through your skincare routine:

I use baby wipes to take the base off and Cetaphil cleanser. I try to only use natural products on my skin, so I slather on Shea butter and coconut oil for both my hair and body!

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be:

All the dark nights will bring you closer to the woman you are meant to be, don't be afraid. Awful and empty people will try and tear you down and you will feel like an outsider and for most of your life, you won't fit in. But you aren't supposed to. There will be men who want douse the same fire that attracted them. Don't stop fighting. Stand up for what is right. Spray paint rapist on the side of his house; you will get closure, and when you speak about the experiences that are too hard to think about people will realize. Fight hard to love yourself. You are not a victim you are a warrior. Keep repping for everyone with their own battle wounds.

What makes a woman powerful & beautiful:

Those that identify with being a woman have the spark. They are compassionate and kind, and If their feminism is intersectional, they will never never bring another woman down.

A powerful beautiful woman you look up to and why:

My mom is the ultimate hustler with her endless determination and positivity. Maya Angelou is also a huge inspiration as a boundary pushing artist, being a famous poset, author and sex worker, all the while being respected and talented af. My namesake is Eartha Kitt, she was born on a plantation, but rose to fame as an unforgettable and talented singer/actress.

How are you hustling in Toronto right now:

Currently finishing my next project, SELFISH, and ready to drop new visuals and singles. I’m working hard to get out of this city, while calling out wastemanz and abusers in the scene and hopefully uplifting other women, femme identifying people in the lgbtq+ communities. I’m excited to share my new music, look out for my next releases soon to be on all platforms.