top 5 cold-ass beauty products



1. MAC Loose Pigment in Melon - $12 CAD

There are tons of ways to use loose pigments but I find this works best as a highlighter. It makes me look both glowy, AND sunkissed. Add a setting spray and you're golden ;). P.S. I doubt you'll ever go through a whole bottle of this unless due to unfortunate circumstances, it ends up on the floor. Buy it here.

2. Essence Rock 'n Doll Mascara - $4.99 CAD

Why is this product only $5? Volume, length, black as hell, wears all day. It creates lashes where there isn't. It doesn't crumble or smudge. Don't let on that we love it so much, they'll jack up the price. Buy it at Shopper's Drugmart, because I don't think it's available online but you can find it here.

3. Burberry Cashmere Foundation Fluid - $62 CAD

Dewy, medium to full coverage and comes in 14 shades. Been loving on this since there were 5 shades and it was called Sheer Foundation Trench. That's how you know the love is real. Buy it here.

4. Stila Stay All Day Lipliner in Pink Moscato - $20 CAD

$20 for a lipliner is kind of heartbreaking. This colour though, is so breathtaking and It's really helpful in cheating that extra pout.  Buy it here.

5. Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner - $50 CAD

I have had this for a year and a half now, and still going strong. The control of this product is phenomenal. It's easy to make the tip of the wing sharp and dainty. Matte finish, very black, stays all day, easy to remove. Buy it here.