today i'm 25


Birthdays are emotional for me because I respond exceptionally well to receiving love lol.

In the morning I was greeted by a “deliiiiivery” over the line, and when I came to greet the UPS person, it wasn’t a UPS person at all. One of my dear dear friends was standing there with a handful of thoughtful items and a cake. It was especially moving—touching I should say—because of recent differences between us. She literally knocked on my door with a peace offering and that takes bravery, because there’s no way she would have known how I would have responded.

Family and friends flooded into my space with food. I won’t be seeing the inside of a grocery store for the next 6 weeks. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

And while my parents don’t talk, they made the extreme effort to be crammed into the same 300 sq foot room, my apartment.

And while there was far more Indian food than there was people, my dad insisted on bringing 3x the amount because I would have left overs. In the same way he always does, he was looking out for future me.

And the conversation flowed between my step-mom and my mom-mom. They had a genuine exchange of love. They were not putting on a show, or being forced to, as there were many other people in the room to which their attention they could divert. I cried of gratitude for having the honour of having these people in my life.

And when my brother-in-law pulled me aside to tell me he was proud of me I also cried.

And when my sister told me if my stubborn ass ever needed a loan, that I could come to her, I cried.

And then my friends, or my “couple friends” as I refer to them, brought a mountain of food and laughed when my grandma walked out with leftovers.


And I was spoiled fucking rotten by dinners, outings and gifts that exposed how my people know me in ways I didn’t realize radiated.

A doggie card here (I guess I pet a lot of dogs), a boob mug there (yes, I enjoy being naked, am right now in fact) and makeup everywhere.

A written card from my step-mom:


Remember my sweet, that when you’re flying, turbulence lasts but a few minutes in a flight that is smooth and filled with blue, sun-filled skies. So keep flying my love, blue skies ahead.

So much love,





Michelle Bali

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