this is good

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Completely forgetting about your phone is good.

Nobody honking at you when the light has been green for 30 minutes is good.

A Tumbleweave is good.

Getting a bag and also loving what you do is good.

Friends that invite you to places is good.

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A real page turner is good.

Expensing shit is good.

Siri understanding you the first time is good.

All the birds flying in one direction is good.

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Copping last minute Raptors tickets I’d good.

Taking a random route and never hitting a one way is good.

Rain in the winter when it really should be snow is good.

Billie’s branding is good.

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Baroness von sketch is good.

Store owners that display their merch out on the sidewalk because they trust people is good.

Phil Collins is good.

Celebrity encounters but acting chill is good (Phil Collins is an exception).

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Your partner filling the Brita is good.

Less than 10000 phone pickups in a day is good.

Improvising your signature every time is good.

Predicting the end of a bad movie, but saying it out loud so everyone knows your queen is good.



Michelle Bali


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