6 dope things to do in LA_ a vlog

As circumstances would have it, I travelled out to Los Angeles for the weekend on a whim. I was originally meant to meet friends there, but also met cool people along the way. 

here are the places i hit up in los angeles

Banana Bungalow - West Hollywood

I stayed at the Banana Bungalow in WeHo and met great people. I prefer hostels to hotels at this point in my life because it's much more social, and there's the opportunity to meet life-long friends. 


Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar + Grill @ the Grove

The Grove is essentially an outdoor mall. I ironically have a deep rooted resentment towards malls but the market here is cool. If you're into shopping check out The Grove and try Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar + Grill! If you're more into outdoor adventures, read on...

That view!!

That view!!


Runyon Canyon

This is a huge 160-acre park where tourists and locals come for exercise. This is also dog-lovers paradise with tons of off-leash fur babies galavanting around everywhere. Eee! The trails vary from leisurely to more challenging. My friend and I hiked up to the highest point and meditated there for the longest 7 minutes of my life. But the view was incredible. Here's more on Runyon Canyon. 

Another very important thing. They had this unsupervised snack and water stand before you climb the hill. There was a sign there that said "Honour System" and everything was about $1-$2. I turned to my friend Lamar and said, "Do you think people abide by this rule?" He told me he wasn't sure as he dropped payment into the slot and we each grabbed a water. As we were walking away a couple of sweaty guys passed by and one said to the other, "do you have a dollar?", clearly super thirsty. The second guy said, "No I don't," and they walked away. I'm telling you this made my entire weekend. 

Photo Source:  Sohohousewh.com

Photo Source: Sohohousewh.com

Soho House - West Hollywood

Chances are, if you're a creative and are already in LA, you'll have a friend who has a membership. It's lovely and refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded creatives that have similar goals. Is it necessary? Definitely not, but it's a good time if you get the chance to go.


Venice Beach

This is an obvious one, but I've never seen a beach like this. It has such a unique culture. There's a skate park, fresh fruit stands, graffiti art, tourist-trap restaurants (lol) and let's not forget a gorgeous sandy beach. The bars do get a bit rowdy at night. Check out more about Venice Beach here.


Call Me By Your Name

No this is not an LA attraction but I thought I would slip this in here, as I did get the opportunity to watch it in LA. This movie... the raw acting, the emotions, the message, the storyline. I was blown away. I'm in awe of the style in which it was filmed, with the chosen angles and beautifully timed continuous shots that made my heart sing. A warm washed out summer time piece. I could go on. And I will. Everything was simultaneously deliberate and natural. I don't want to give a single thing away but I'll just say that this is a must-see. I went in with high expectations and was not disappointed.

Doesn't I sound like an excerpt on the back of a book... "Sensational. Poignant, startling and intimate" - Michelle Bali. (Somehow poignant is always used in those reviews).  I'm not a movie critic, but I appreciate this art piece wholeheartedly. I urge you to watch this.


Melrose Trading Post

Ok. I seriously love this place. Melrose Trading Post is held in the parking lot of a high school every Sunday. It's run by a not-for-profit org that funds high school equipment and activities via $3 admission and vendor fees. You can find tons of cool things from art to vintage clothes, film cameras to artisan tea, furniture to jewelry. The market's mission is not only to help small business owners and artists, but to bring people together through "art education and enterprise". Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, there's also live music here where local musicians come to jam out. 

The first time I came out to WeHo my friend and I stumbled upon Melrose Market. And then I stumbled even further upon this epic candle and essential oil stand. By the time I got home I realized the bottle was unmarked and I didn't grab a business card. I was like, grrr.

So when I was back in the area I was jumping for joy to see that the stand was still there. My favourite products from Marston Company are their essential oils. Fresh Cut Grass really smells like fresh cut grass. Suede really smells like suede. How she takes an exact scent and bottles it, boggles my mind. My personal favourite is Tobacco Vanilla. It reminds me so heavily of LA because it seemed like everywhere I went this scent was in the air. The owner told me that the next time I run out of product I can shoot her a DM on Instagram, (as linked above) and place an order. That'll save me a plane ticket.



At the end of the day, it mainly boils down to this: its not where you are, its who you're with. I'm grateful to be surrounding myself with such dope people. And I guess being in the LA sunshine also doesn't hurt.

That's it.
Love you.