the opposite of sadness is not happiness. it's...


The opposite of sadness is not happiness. As it turns out it’s gratitude.

We get taught in school, that happiness is the exact opposite to sadness. When we think about it in a traditional sense we think oh yeah, if you’re not sad, you’re happy.

But I realized something.

Happiness is like excitement. it’s fleeting. Happiness is a reaction to a circumstance. Much like scoring a goal or getting a promotion.

But gratitude is a choice we make with lasting impact.

It’s a habit that rewires the way we think and the way feel.

If you’re feeling sad, think about what you’re grateful for.

It’ll soon become your default.

I choose to have a stable, steady lifestyle, less highs and lows but rather an even, steady flow of contentment.

That’s a good word actually.


That state of overall well-being.

Without overcomplicating, because the purest, truest concepts can really be told in a couple of sentences, gratitude and contentment are the opposite of sadness.

Whatchu kno about that.



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