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How is it possible that 20 people all came together at one time to go on vacation? 

Okay so let me share a bit of context. It started this New Years at a house party. My friend Carly and I snuck away to the bathroom. As we were leaving the bathroom we started in on an important conversation. Before the bathroom, there's a carpeted walk in closet in which Carly felt we should take a seat to further discuss. We ended up sitting in there for quite some time. And the more people needed to use the bathroom, the more people would walk through the closet. They would initially apologize for interrupting but we would invite them in to sit down and talk and connect with us. 

Before we knew it there were 10+ people sitting cross legged, knee-to-knee in a walk in closet. The vibe was open and loving and then someone brought up the idea of travelling. All it took was one Facebook group and the first person to pull the trigger on buying the plane ticket. We are now a group of 22 travellers at our most. I would say I knew about half of the crew before signing up. 

I had initially suspected we weren't going to stick together much and that we would each do our own thing. But as it turns out everyone is vibing, and we've all remained as a group so far. Everyone brings a little something unique to the squad, and I feel like if we had even one less person everything would be different. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by people who's main goal is to enjoy life. 

So now. Present day. 


Instead of collecting social media details, saying "bye we'll see you there" to our new friends felt nice in a kind of throw back way. We met a lovely couple that will meet us in a hostel down the road. I'm not really collecting anyone's info for the most part, knowing each encounter is meaningful in the moment as it had existed and it would feel false to make empty promises to an attachment I don't even desire in the first place.


Ok our hostel is on a lake that used to be a volcano

This next hostel called Paradiso is in Laguna De Apoyo and it backs onto a crater of a lake that was a volcano at one point in time. Check out Paradiso here! 

One of the boys ;)

One of the boys ;)


The water is thin, salty (why?) and fresh. The vibe is different. The people are definitely more closed off but I'm happy to be in cleaner bathrooms. In my opinion, I'll take a grungy night in the Treehouse Hostel for open minded people any day. We're spending our lives away on the sand and dock.


I'm taking a kayak out now, because I need a few moments to myself. 

Considering this is mainly a beauty blog, now would be the perfect time to tell you that these toes have lasted incredibly well, and I did them myself.  Check out Essie Gel Couture.

Considering this is mainly a beauty blog, now would be the perfect time to tell you that these toes have lasted incredibly well, and I did them myself. Check out Essie Gel Couture.


Seeing an active volcano

Our next stop is a relatively touristy active volcano tour. I was excited to hike up more than anything it but it sounds like a tour bus will bring us up. Hmph. 


Okay so we're back from the tour now and the irony is that I enjoyed the bus ride up more than the site itself. The bus driver was reckless and the banter between the people on the bus was hilarious. We got up there and peered over a stone wall to see the volcano, and I basically just said "hm nice". And back to the bus.

It's dinner time and we're all eating plates for $6 USD for healthy portions. I was adamant we all sit together. Rounded up some chairs, pushed in a few tables together, so that we could all be in one place at one time.

Last night a DJ came to the Treehouse so I'm wiped. I could hear the music poppin' from my hammock 'til I don't know what time. And a traveller's dog that was barking at the monkeys at 5 in the AM. Oh that's another thing. We were sleeping among howling monkeys. Howling monkeys swinging in the trees is actually a selling point for that hostel. I can't recommend the Treehouse Hostel enough so once again, check out their Facebook page.

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Tomorrow some of them are getting up to watch the sun rise, but forget that.  

And zzz,