Sunday Funday in San Juan Del Sur_ Nicaragua Day 9 + 10


Sunday Funday

Yesterday was the Sunday Funday pub crawl in San Juan Del Sur. It's about 3 different bars from mid-afternoon until early morning. Check out Sunday Funday here. The music was a mix of electronic as well as pop and r&b jams. I met a group of travellers from Denmark. They all met at a boarding school that is accessible for people with different abilities. I really took to Jacob Frederik and Silas. 


Strangers in cafés

Besides that, I had the opportunity to grab an avocado toast for breakfast at !Salud. Classic Nica, they don't have an official page but you can check out !Salud kitchen here. 

I found myself overhearing a conversation between a few guys at the bar beside me. They invited me to chat, and we ended up in an hour-long conversation about cryptocurrency, investing in blockchain, property management, spirituality; it was all over the map but basically everything that interests me. I got deeper in a one-on-one conversation with Alex and he challenged me so deeply. All the words I was saying he listened and clarified and questioned and accepted. And I did the same for him. We did this for each other on a granular scale for no other reason than we just wanted to teach and learn from each other. 

PS. We stayed at Casa Oro Eco. I don't even know why I'm linking it I wouldn't recommend it. Shelbi and I had a pretty poor sleep because the walls are paper thin if you know what I mean.. It's like upstairs neighbors hostel edition. It's pretty though. So here are a few shots.


I am the victim of peer-pressure

For lunch, we hit up The Beach House. I genuinely hate fish. A lot of people say that and don't really mean it. But I mean it, mean it. For the past 23 years. Not salmon, not tuna, not nothing. So then I tried Ceviche at this restaurant, and believe you me, I only did it because I was being peer pressured. Can't believe I'm saying this but it was bomb. I highly recommend checking this place out if ever you're in SJDS.

Local fish, local coffee + last supper

Today we've hired a cook to come to our villa to come help us with dinner. If you're looking for a place to stay in SJDS, Check out our airbnb here, Casa Las Sirenas. We went to town to pick up fresh fish from a local fisherman and he hooked us up with some local coffee as well. I'm excited to give it to my dad. We had one last supper together before some of us head back to Toronto. 


Next up: Leon. I've Swiss cheesed my trip a bit so I have some things planned and others not, so after Leon I won't have a plan for a few days. Stay tuned for how I kill it with zero plan. 

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