solo backpack adventures in costa rica_ day 14


Jaqui said she was tempted to wake me up so that I wouldn't miss yoga but she let me sleep. In any case I woke up at 7:30 and I had enough time to get some avocado toast and tea in me before heading over. We did a light flow class. I can't stress enough, how good it feels for my breath to meet the rest of my body. The instructor came over to each of us to touch our third eye while we lay in savasana. 

Side note: omg they have uber here?????? And omg I just took a shower with hot water?????


I roamed along the main drag and came across the biggest display of Essence Cosmetics I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Copped a couple of mascaras. Shopping doesn't always do it for me so I didn't spend much time here. I grabbed a mango from the market for lunch. Juice was dripping down my legs as I skipped happily along the streets. I must have been radiating contentment because I overheard a man say while pointing to me, "muy alegra". 


If you're in San Jose I urge you to check out the National Theatre. I had the option to pass through with a Spanish or English speaking guide. I chose Spanish. At first I was like, “que que que?” But my ear got used to it after a few minutes. I learned so much about the social context, architecture and politics surrounding the theatre in its time. If you're going to CR and you're interested, check out the National Theatre here. 


When I got back to the hostel Chris told me he was renting a car to dip the scene. I politely invited myself. I was looking forward to going to Manuel Antonio, a natural jungle reserve with a multitude of plant and animal species. In any case, this opportunity presented itself and so I decided to take it. There's no point in holding onto plans that hold you back from new opportunities.

Everyone decided to go out but again... I just don't see a difference between a bar in Toronto to a bar in LA to a bar in Costa Rica. I would rather have energy to enjoy the daytime. I made a few phone calls before bed. One to my sister Susan (it was damn good to hear her voice), one to my friend Kyle and one to my boo Carly and that's a wrap. 

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