postcards from nicaragua_ day 1


Driving from the airport to our hostel

Taking in every bit of information my eyes will allow and my brain will process.

The smells. Every several miles I'm hit with a new scent to enjoy. I wish I could throw these scents at you through the screen. My favourite is the smokey one that would come up every now and again. It's not a campfire. It's so much richer and sweeter than that. It's like Mondo Mondo's Summer Smoke. A cheap comparison to this natural heavenly scent. I've never smelled anything so satisfying. I want to taste it. And then all of a sudden, I'm knocked with a woody, natural mossy smell. Like something you could buy at a store but this is the real deal.

There's something so massless about the lifestyle. Does that make sense? I mean, every corner, people are doing things but different things. Smuggled away in their own private schedule unlike the commuting masses of Torontonians reaching the same end goal. A young girl waits for her friend by a ditch with a smug smile on her face. There's a story there. But then the car passes quickly. I see little boys playing barefoot in the dirt. Next story. A man biking slowly, no rush. Making a turn into a wide unpaved street into the sun.

 There is life outside 9-5.


We arrive at the hostel

It's a treehouse hostel which I was certain would be a cabin a few feet above the ground, a gimmick. Should have worn my Fitbit to climb my way up to where the hostel is. Would have gained 6 billion points with my pack weighing me down. Am now regretting overpacking. We arrive. We are quite literally in a cluster of treehouses. Check out the Treehouse Hostel here.

Soft folk plays and the sun sets, golden over a backdrop of fuzzy purple mountains. In fact here's a little view from the bathroom, no big deal.


We cross a bridge suspended hundreds of feet mounted between trees and meet a group of yogis.


They're smiling and genuine and kissing and hugging and then just like that they say "do you want to join?" And just like that I say "yes". We practise lifts. With strangers. Loving strangers. We look into each other's eyes to communicate and trust. We're strangers but not really.


I made a conscious choice not to vlog

But damn I wish you could see what I see. Photos will have to do because taking videos will take me away from time being present and I can't afford that.


I'm sleeping in a hammock dorm tonight. I didn't realize this exists.


Sparsely Spotted lights on the mountains ahead. Sparse. Not the sea of seemingly continuous light I'm used to. And my whole body fills with awe and gratitude, and it makes me go where the hell am I?

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I love you.