introspective_ nicaragua day 3

Okay, I'm regretting not having woken up for the sunrise. Here's what I missed. 

Matty just woke me up in the middle of a dream that was just getting good. But good lookin' out because I would have been pressed for time otherwise. 

Now we're in the van on the way to Ometepe. I had such a block with the name Ometepe in the beginning. Couldn't remember what it was called so I've gotten into the habit of calling it onomatopoeia.


The sun doesn't shine back home like it does here

The grass looks neon. The pastel buildings scream. I can always tell what time of day it is when it's 3:00 just by looking at the sun. It's as if it's always 3:00 here, and every hour is Golden Hour. I'm finding beauty in what might be considered background noise. I'm looking past the mountains and appreciating what sits in the crevices.


This is a mickey mouse operation

We're about to board a pretty dodgy boat to get to the island. They’re ushering women and children on board first. Very Titanic but it's sweet, I've never experienced anything like that. And these guys that are guiding people on and lugging the bags. Man they work hard. There's a family boarding carefully with a massive chocolate birthday cake. It's a long trek. I would probably cry if I knew someone I loved had made the effort to bring me a cake via boat. Actually, I didn't realize it until now but the cake is in the background in this picture.


Now we're on a shuttle on the way to the hostel. Everyone's bags are tied to the roof and just now we lost one. Another driver stopped his car to pick up the bag and handed it to our driver. Very nice. Oh there goes another bag at 70km/h. 


There are horses running loose, dogs running loose, children running loose and they all somehow know not to cross the road. Matty just asked me what hostel we're going to. Half the time I don't know what city we're in never mind our accommodations.


I'm letting go of it. In my life I want everything to go according to "plan". I don't even know what plan even. I want a specific destination in my career, certain outcomes of my relationships. So now when someone says let's go here, let's do this, I don't ask any questions I just say okay.

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