pack + travel with just 9 makeup items_ you won’t need a single brush

I mastered the art of travelling with makeup when I flew to LA last weekend. Travelling light and with minimal liquid is key when you're not checking a bag. Here are my 9 multipurpose and travel friendly beauty items for a full face of makeup. 

1. MAC Face and Body Foundation

50mL, good to go in your carry on! 

I’ve mentioned this in articles before. Chances are if you’re travelling, especially to a hot place, you’ll want some lighter coverage. I can’t say enough good things about this foundation. It’s dewy, it’s buildable, you look flawless and natural all at once. I apply this just to my cheeks where I have redness. Right now, airplanes aren’t allowing liquids over 100 mL so with this being 50 mL, you’re in the clear. Buy it here.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer

One product for both a day + night look

Here's another one I’ve spoken about recently. I know I really like a product, when I can’t help but constantly mention it. This concealer is creamy and pretty full coverage. Love travelling with a full coverage concealer and a lighter coverage foundation so you have the option to go light or heavy, without bringing two different foundations.  Buy it here.


3. Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil

One product 4 different uses

Apply this to the cheeks and lips with your fingers. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it seems to have those beads you get in a face wash, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that its bomb. To me it feels like a pigment suspended in oil. I actually prefer it when I squeeze the tube and get more oil than pigment. Buy it here.

Use 1: Blush
When you apply this to your cheeks you get an added glossy rose finish which leads me to my next point…

Use 2: Highlighter
Use this subtly as a highlighter. When you tan you do naturally turn a little rosy. Apply this gently on your nose and cupid’s bow as well for a sun kissed glow. This technique makes me feel like I just came back from a sweet surf rip and I have two boyfriends, both named Chad.

Use 3: Lip colour
Use this a lip colour. It’ll give you that naturally plump, dewy, Glossier look. Its that simple wash of colour without being opaque at all. Very 2018.

Use 4: Eye colour
Use this as a wash of colour over your lids. While this won’t be long-wearing, the single-tone, glossy lid look has everyone’s heart (and eyes) right now.


4. Smashbox Step-by-step Contour Stick 

Contour without a brush

I love this guy! It comes as a trio with contour, concealer and bronzer. I don’t reach for the bronzer too often but I love the concealer so much that I sharpened it to obliteration. This tone is a perfect cool tone to sculpt, and it requires no brushes. Use your beauty blender to buff. Buy it here.


5. Beauty Blender

A zero brush zone

I’m even adding this in as a piece, since I’m so confident in my other 8 products. Use a sponge or your fingers to blend your cream blush, your foundation and cream bronzer. Be aware that if you’re constantly on the move, using this wet and then packing away is probably not a great idea. Go for a dry beauty blender when you’re travelling. Buy it here.


6. Essence I <3 Extreme Volume Mascara

Weather-resistant lashes

Volume, length, buildable, very black, no flaking, (making it perfect for hot weather), easy to take off, 5ish dollars. Hello??????? Buy it here.


7. Benefit 'That Gal' Face Brightening Primer

Your base, your highlight and/or your foundation

This can be your foundation. What I mean by that is this can be worn alone with no foundation at all. This is fully doable after a nice tan. Also, this product builds well under foundation for added dewiness. I bought this, forgot about it and rediscovered it just recently. I can’t remember why I ever put it down. As a highlighter it’s not glittery at all. It just catches the light. Put it in the usual places: on the high points of the cheeks, the nose bridge and the cupid’s bow. Be sparing about how much you put on your forehead. Buy it here.


8. Mini Hairspray

Travel size mane + brows

Use 1: Brows
Use this on your brows to brush them up into place. If you’re interested in knowing how to get that full wispy brow that’s super in right now check this article A natural makeup routine. The first paragraph of this article along with the diagram, will give you the step by step.

Use 2: Hair
Also, keep your hair in place with this travel size hairspray. It isn’t long-wearing, but it does the job. I’ve been on the hunt for a long wearing and natural hold. Hit your girl up with suggestions in the comment box below! 


9. Pixi Woo Glow Mist

Glowiness in travel friendly packaging

Is any look complete without this? The question is rhetorical. The packaging is plastic and slim for a perfect grab-and-go dewy finish. You can find it here, but I recommend you go get it at Shoppers instead.