out with a bang in this luxury hotel_ nicaragua day 16 + 17


Up and at ‘em

Here we are. 7am. Monte Verde. We came to Monte Verde to see the cloud forest and that’s what we intend to do. 

We hiked through a cloud rainforest 

Chris thinks I'm crazy. I’m smelling all the moss on every tree. If you’ve been following my journey up ‘til now you’ll know I’m a big scent girl. The best way I can describe the smell of the moss is Mountain High essential oil from Saje. If I closed my eyes I could hear the sound of birds that we don’t have in the city. There are actual vines. Like George of the Jungle vines. Chris was rolling his eyes when I hugged a few of the trees but I know they liked it. 


The reason this rainforest is called the Cloud Forest is that its one of the few forests in the world where the clouds touch the top. So basically you can see the clouds whizzing by your head at the summit. 

Chris went an hour plus out of his way to drop me off at the border so I could catch the Ticabus. This guy, man. 

We were playing a game and I fell asleep. When I woke up I was like, “okay so your turn”. 

So yeah, Ticabus. And the border patrol, again, was the most Mickey Mouse operation of all times. One of the bus attendants let me know I had to pay an exit fee. I was waved down across the highway by an older woman in civilian clothes. I’m conditioned to trust uniforms so I was thinking, “is this legit?”  I paid my $8 to someone in a booth inside a convenience store? I honestly don’t even know what happened. I also don’t think anyone would have realized had I not paid the fee. V confused. 

Alex from that day at Salud has rented a car and came to scoop me from the border at Nica. That’s a long drive for him, so it’s a really, really nice display of appreciation. 

We’re staying at Habitarte in El Bajo. We’re the only guests here because the hotel isn’t officially open yet. This is hands down of the top 2 hotels I’ve ever stayed in in my life. I’ve never seen more land. Just when you think there can’t be more buildings, there are. And everything is well spread apart so it’s essentially a medium sized village. There were areas we didn’t even get to explore. I’m not sure the pictures will do this space justice but let’s give this a try.

Here is the “hut” I stayed in. The balcony comes right off the main room.


And look at this ceiling!


Here are some of the grounds.


Yes, it's as high as it looks.


As usual with Alex, the conversation is so fulfilling. 


Alex has a meeting in the morning, so I’ll be alone, alone for the first time in weeks. He brought me fresh greenery from the garden. Hadn’t had deep greens in ages. I ate them, just like that and they were bomb. He dared me to eat one that ended up tasting spicy like wasabi and not realizing, I ate the whole thing in one go.


Alex drove me to the airport and while we were in traffic we bought mango and a miscellaneous fruit. Neither were ready to be eaten. Was hard saying bye, but we’ll see each other again. As I hugged him goodbye I also waved too-taloo to the sun and said, “see you in 4 months!”

That’s it, that’s all folks. 

Next up Cuba! Stay tuned for a lil Havana post.