on being a boss


OK first of all. I haven't written in a bit because I was making a career pivot. Now that I have successfully done so, I'm like 🤗🤗🤗 to be writing again. 


To say we are one thing, whether it's determined, authentic or patient, is untrue. At any given moment, we can be all of these things, some of these things, none of these things. But as a society we're forced to characterize things, even starting from a young age. "Is this a boy or a girl? Big or small?" 

So do I carry myself like a boss all the time? No. I do some stupid shit sometimes. But I like to think that I handle myself. So here's the tea on what makes me a boss.

when I know, I know

When I have assurance in what I stand for, I don't let outside influences make me second guess my beliefs, opinions and knowledge.

when I don't know, I say it

When I've messed up, I have the balls and the integrity to say I don't know or that I was wrong or that I'm sorry.

asking for help

Step 2 after realizing I don't know is asking for help.

Pride used to be a very sexy thing for me. How self-sufficient I am, does make me proud but I am no longer filled with pride.

If I need it I'll ask for help, because I know that staying silent doesn't make me any stronger. It makes me stronger to know that there is enough love in this world that others want to help. 

And very important: when the people around me want to take care of me, I let them. 


giving love

When I give my time, love, energy and resources to my family and strangers, it gives me purpose. As I get older I become more attuned to the happiness of other people. How can I make that person feel valued? What can I do that solely benefits the other person?

And that ability to empathize has grown from: living in my own bubble of what makes me happy, to what makes my family happy, to what makes the universe happy as a collective. 

knowing my boundaries

Food, sleep, the way I talk to myself, the way others talk to me. Knowing what makes me feel good and what doesn't. It's about rinsing and repeating that good stuff, and saying the actual words "no" when it's a no-go. 

going for it

I want to blog. Ok I'll do it. I want to ask that girl/guy out. No problem. I want to be open publically about my sexual preferences. Done. Lol. See what I did there?


and in the end remember its with you, you have to live

I've done some shitty things. I've done some heart-wrenchingly beautiful things. But in the end I know what I've done and I am in full control to create the relationship with myself. S/o to Graham Nash for that brill one-liner.

and finally being a boss means...

knowing that advice from an article is not a be all and end all. Trust that you, and only you know what makes you a hustler.

That's it that's all.