moto, hammock & ceviche dinner_ nicaragua day 8


Rippin down dirt roads

I flopped into bed with hair full of sand last night. I rode into town with Issy on his bike. The roads are one straight shot, no sideroads, no stop signs, no streetlights, and if the person in front of you is going too slow you just pass the yellow line. As we passed his town he proudly pointed out all the key areas but I couldn't really hear him over the wind. And then he said, "there's a school. I will teach English there. It make me very happy inside."

Hide and seek

After we ran my errands he asked if it was okay if we run into the butcher shop to grab meat. I just pictured an establishment like Toronto. Something like a store and then we pull up into someone's driveway and I was very confused. I said, "Where are we?" And he goes, "I told you we're going to the butcher shop."

These scrumptious kids met me and we played tag and hide and seek on the dirt on their property. It was interesting how they said goodbye to me. They were smiling. It was like a kid's goodbye. And so, I said an adult goodbye because I was thinking, "ughhhhh I'll never see you again but I love you so much!!!"


The rest of the day was spent perusing but mostly on a hammock.


At night we had dinner at La Cantina at the Meson Nadi, check it out. 


That's it that's all folks.