makeup ideas for your 'to buy' list (loreal, glossier, wet n wild, etc.)


Glossier perfecting skin tint

  • Lightweight

  • Light coverage

  • Looks like skin

I love that I can still see and feel my skin through this. I'm never worried about stepping out into the sun, and wondering whether it looks like I'm wearing makeup



Real techniques blush brush

  • Sturdy and well made

  • Deposits colour really tastefully

  • Ergonomic

  • Multi-use

This brush is quite multipurpose and I’ve never used a brush like it. You can blush, contour and highlight with it. It deposits colour lightly so it always looks natural. 

Buy the Real Techniques Blush Brush here.


Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow 

  • Easy to blend

  • Gorgeous colour stories

  • Achieve a minimal, flattering eye look

Whenever I swatched these in the store I'd be like. Next. But having actually played with this, I have this newfound appreciation for the formula. It's not meant to be that glam, metallic, Youtuber eyeshadow look, but more of a subtle delicate woman vibe. I'm here for it. 

Buy the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadows here.


Loreal Sugar Scrub 

  • Leaves skin moisturized

  • Smells like absolute chocolate

  • Great before applying makeup

This leaves a film on your skin in the best way possible. I feel like it helps me create the perfect base when I’m trying to achieve the dewy no-makeup makeup look. Loreal Paris, you go girl.

Buy Loreal Sugar Scrub here.


Wet ‘n Wild MegaCushion Contour

  • Blends like a dream

  • Looks SOO natural

  • Mad inexpensive

FIRST OF ALL. I am in straight up shock about how good this product is. The application is smooth, the undertone is perfect and the price is right. It leaves a very natural contour that can end up looking chalky with a powder.

Buy the Wet ‘n Wild MegaCushion Contour


Essence Volume Boost Mascara

  • Creates volumized lashes in no time

  • Lengthening and curling

I was in Shoppers Drugmart and I tried this alongside the Lancome mascara everyone is dying about, Monsieur Big. They’re pretty much the exact same. The only difference I noticed is that the wands give different shapes to the eye, but in terms of the volume and ease of build up, they’re the EXACT same. Save your hard earned money and go Essence on this one.

Buy the Essence Volume Boost Mascara


That about wraps it up. Sometimes I get in a makeup rut where I’m using the exact same products over and over, but I think this month I made some nice new discoveries. Have you tried any of these products? Comment below with your thoughts. If not, which of these products sounds the most appealing?

That’s it, that’s all.



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