is MAC cosmetics dead?

There was a time when MAC was all over Youtube. Everyone was dipping into their single pan eyeshadows and using their MAC Fix Plus. Then boom! 👋 They were gone. Here's why...


the cheap makeup brands upped their game

As soon as brands like ELF Cosmetics, Makeup Geek and Morphe started upping their quality for competitive pricing, MAC was pushed aside. Which leads us to the next point


the quality just wasn't there 😉

At least for me, paying $16 a pan for a poorly pigmented MAC eyeshadow seemed ludicrous when I could just find $9 Makeup Geek shadows that were pigmented as hell. MAC foundation formulas started to break me out.


indie makeup brands started blowing up

Brands like Pretty Vulgar and MILK Makeup started speaking to the kiddos of my generation that said, forget these mega Estée Lauder brands. Come with us. We stand for something, AND we're hipper. Hip is a body part. 


they couldn't keep up with the makeup trends

You know what I mean? It always felt like they were one step behind. They launched their liquid lipsticks 23 years after people were done talking about them. Think about it now even. They're still very much into the full face makeup look and honetyyy we're all about the natural look ATM. 


pray for MAC

I think they still can make it. But I'm not sure. I'm not a business analyst but I'm assuming that staying on the cutting edge in a very large corporation is tough. There's lots of sign-offs. And by the time the strategy is put in place we've already moved on baybeee. In contrast to a more boutique brand, where Linda from accounts has an idea and the CEO is like "YES. Make it happen." And then it's good to go tomorrow.

I personally think they have great products i.e. MAC FACE AND BODY OMG. So let's not rag on them, but let's pray for them. 


What do you guys think?

Have they been lost in the dust? Or do you think I'm being too hard on them?