love permeates


I was walking down the street today and I saw an interaction that was so minuscule and so mundane and yet I felt so much love from it.

A hairdresser was explaining something to her client and they were both looking down at a bottle of shampoo. The client reached out to touch the back of her hairdresser's head. They probably thought nothing of it. Or maybe they did. But when I saw it fireworks went off in my stomach. All of a sudden my goggles had been shifted and I was seeing love all over. Two friends walked by me holding hands. And then I called my friend Carly. Told her about what I had seen, how I felt. Told her that beauty and love is all around us. She replied with telling me I was beautiful. She thanked me for sharing that moment with her and told me that the enthusiasm and sound of my voice made her day. 


And there it is. She was brought to a beautiful place from a person who had been brought to a beautiful place by another person. And I don't doubt that the love within Carly permeated thereafter. And I'm certain that the client's love spread to her hairdresser, from someone before her. But surely the client didn't know I had caught that moment. You never know in what ways love can multiply, so do it.  

The same thing goes for hate. Both feelings and actions stemming from hate permeate into the collective human race. It takes one person to block it and twist it into something beautiful, to change that chain reaction. Before writing this. I had experienced a small dose of negative energy. Someone had just told me that I can't. As I'm writing this I'm realizing that I didn't internalize and project that negative energy, instead I transformed it. I wrote this. It's so hard to do. Really. Its true, when someone growls I bite back. But I'm learning. And it takes strength and skill. But it's good for you and it's good for me. I mean it, let's love more. 

P.S. article coming on Thursday about when someone tells you you can't.

That's it. That's all.