learn how to become an influencer_ influhints discussion panel and networking


As a blogger starting out, I had all these questions and I wanted real answers.

When is optimal posting time? How do I land a brand collab? What are topics I should write about? How can I scale up? 

I felt like I would benefit from talking to people in the industry but had few contacts that are actually pursuing being an influencer and even fewer at a high-level. 

So I thought of this idea. 

what's influhints

InfluHints is a 3-part series of networking, featuring a kick-ass panel of influencers. Here you'll learn the tools of the trade, be able to ask your questions, and network. We'll have snacks and drinks. Woo.

who can come?

Everyone is welcome. I repeat, everyone is welcome.

Whether you're just starting out as a content creator, blog of fun, or are even just a personal user of Instagram, any level is welcome to learn and network. For those of us that are already thriving, come through to take advantage of possible collaborations and expand your network. 

how much is it?

It's free! At least part 1 is. We'll see about part 2 and three. Hehe.

where is it?

It will be in downtown Toronto. At the moment we'll be hosting it in Parkdale, but by the looks of the ticket 'sales', we'll have to relocate to accommodate all ya'lls. So STAY TUNED about the location. 

who's on the panel for part 1?

Here's you're the lineup for part 1 (left to right) :

Kimberley Marquis, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger - @thechicconfidential

Miracle Kerr, Entrepreneur - @miraclekerr

Sarah Nonis, Travel & Fashion Blogger - @lovesarah.n

what's happening at influhints part 2?

While InfluHints part 1 will be very general advice, part 2 will be laser focused. Details, details, details. It'll be very much geared towards answering the questions starting with 'how?' And speaking of how...

how do i get my tickets?

Scoop 'em up they're going crazy fast. Get your InfluHints Pt. 1 tickets here. Also, we're on BlogTO and we're proud of it.

That's it that's all.