le labo cedre 11 home fragrance review


the notes

This is a super woody and smokey fragrance. Very powerful. The notes listed are:

  • cedar

  • birchwood

  • guaiac

  • amber

If you ask me what amber on it’s own smells like I would not have a clue.  

the longevity

I have big wooden beams in my space so I’m able to spray them retaining the scent for longer. Otherwise just spritzing into the air, or on your sheets doesn’t leave a detectable scent for all that long.

multiple uses

However I discovered that, while it’s not recommended, I use this as a personal fragrance, and if you use more than 1 spray you’ll be begging for mercy in like an hour. So do be aware this this is an overwhelming scent to carry on your persons lol. I was in a car wearing this on the way up to a cottage and felt sick to my stomach with the power of three sprays. You’ve been warned. 



Michelle Bali