is this dress work appropriate?


the answer is no, it is not lol

But it doesn’t matter because this dress makes me feel like I’m in France and it’s actually become a part of me now.

Here are a few shots with photographer Josh Chacko. 


get the look

There's something I must confess. None of these are available online. But read on to see how you can find this in-store.


OK, so I got this at H&M late May of 2018. I couldn't find it online but here's a similar one. If you want this exact one, go into the store and show the associate this picture, and they'll hook you up. 


I actually copped these shoes from Havana but I've been seeing this style pop up in small boutique stores all over the west end of Toronto. Here are some places to find them with various budgets:


The VSCO filter I put on this makes the bag look yellow, but I can assure you it's white. I found this at Value Village but here are similar styles:

Would I buy a Dior from the store? I'd like to think I have more sense than that. But I thought it would be courteous of me to at least provide a couple of options.


You can take this look from countryside to cityside. Look at it in action in the city.


oh last thing!

I think the main makeup things for this look are brows and a nice nail glow. 
This is my ride or die brow pencil from Sephora
And I've been reeeeeeally digging this nail glow by Dior. Indoors it looks clear but the sunlight makes it looks pink toned and polished.

The photographer I worked with is  @24dripp. He’s a beautiful soul with a great eye for angles and locations. He works with film. DM him for his rates. 

So that’s it! 



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