in no particular order


Some thoughts I’ve been having lately

  • How important is it to be making a lot of money?

  • And does money always follow passion?

  • Is this life, this whole thing real?

  • The more I understand, the harder it is to eat meat.

  • Oh god I love the filet mignon from The Keg.

  • My parents won’t be around forever.

  • I have this habit of seeking the attention from people that don’t want my time. Time is the most flattering, beautiful gift you can give anyone and yet I don’t feel like is appreciated by certain people.

  • What’s 6x7 again?

  • This time period represents the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m going to try to vocalize why.

  1. I’m so grateful to be living in Toronto.

  2. I love the freedom my career gives me.

  3. I have healthy relationships with my family.

  4. I love making the people around me happy.

  5. My friends support me and want the best for me. Truly.

  • Without a doubt in my mind, I always pictured my dog just dying naturally in her sleep but now I have to consider the idea of putting her down.

  • Is she in pain?

  • Is now the time?

  • Will I know when the time is?

  • Hey Michelle, remember when being vulnerable was uncomfortable and now it’s a source of love and strength?

  • What now?

  • Is this going to work?

  • *googles: ‘how to relax’*

  • What a beautiful moon tonight.


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