how to make your instagram photos look old school

Looks like we're regressing kids. Where there once was clear images, we're now seeing pixels, grain and noise. There are 3 methods I use to achieve this. Here are some examples of shots I've taken.


method 1: use a film camera


This to me is the funnest way. Except it's the most expensive. While the other ways literally cost nothing, here you have the expense of the camera, the film and developing the photos. 

The disposable camera

A disposable camera is great for a vacation. You don't have to worry about an expensive DSLR getting lost. The outcome is gorgeous too. All of the photos above were taken with a disposable. The one thing I'll say is that be very careful with the flash. Many of my photos didn't turn out in decent lighting like on the train. When in doubt, use it. I can vouch for these ones in particular. Buy them here.

The film camera

I scored a film camera for $10 at a local flea market. Film was $6. I have yet to develop the photos, but we'll see the outcome. Here is the one I have. It's a Fujifilm Clear Shot whatever that means. I'll keep you in the loop.

method 2: post production power tools



Photoshop and Lightroom

You've probably heard of these Adobe programs. If you don't have much use for these tools outside of posting digitally, I would say you don't need it and check out the next option. Otherwise, read on. 

These are super powerful tools. For the old school look play with subtle vignettes, adding noise and curves, faking light leaks and adding scratches and dust as an overlay. Here are the programs. Check this tutorial out. If you're interested in a step-by-step tutorial drop me a line and I'll show you the magic.

method 3: apps



This is a phenomenal tool. There are tons of filters and textures. You can add dust/speckles and noise all in one app.  Head over to the adjust section and you can play with contrast, hue, saturation etc. You can save to your camera roll or post directly from the app. Find the app here.