how to get rid of ingrown hairs_ i'm in love with frank body 😏


This product came out of left field. Didn’t see it coming. I never ever would have picked this up on my own, but I got this as a gift, and—spoiler alert—it’s the tits. 


the packaging

This packaging is a graphic designer’s dream. The attention to detail is so on point that everything down to the rounded corners of the line work has been thoughtfully considered. Except one thing. 


  • Hard to close

  • The ziplock packaging is not ideal. The product gets stuck in the rails and it makes it super difficult to reseal. So this is not cool for travelling. 

  • The double packaging, (card and ziplock) is somewhat wasteful. 


  • Koodos to the fact that it is resealable even if it’s a bit difficult. First world problems. Amirite? They could have totally just been like, “whatever, let them deal with it,” so I’m pretty pumped that they considered that as a part of the user experience. 
  • Kick-ass quality (The print job is perfection... no one cares...)
  •  Bring this packaging with you in the shower because the bag is waterproof baby! 

step 1_ wet 'yoself 


step 2_ rub coffee all up on your bod 


As soon as I opened this product the smell of coffee and coconut hit me right away. Be prepared for it to get messy. Some will definitely end up on the shower floor, so take small quantities at a time. It’s not a hard clean up at all if you have a handheld shower head.

So this scrub is definitely aggressive, but I quite like it. In fact I’m not a fan of mildly gritty physical exfoliants that don’t get the job done. At this point your body doesn’t feel like anything other than dirty. Leave on for a few minutes. 


step 3_ rinse


I was genuinely shocked. I couldn't stop feeling my arms and stomach after rinsing.

I didn’t think I needed this because my skin is really soft to begin with, but this made my skin softer than I thought was actually possible.

I’m thinking the smoothness has a lot to do with the delicious oils this blend has, (we’ll talk ingredients in a sec.)  You can tell because while rinsing, the oils repel water on the skin and there certainly is a residue left over. When applying the product though, it doesn’t feel oily at all. 


  • Moisturizing effects seem to be largely due to the oils which eventually rinse off


  • The aroma is incredible 

  • Super gritty exfoliation

  • Skin is baby soft right away

  • The cleanup in manageable 

  • The experience feels damn therapeutic


the product


I’ve never actually had a cup of coffee. Seeing as the skin is the largest organ in the body, do you think I’m in taking a small dose of caffeine? Would be curious to find out.

The ingredients are incredible because I can actually read an understand them. The main ingredients are coffee, water, grapeseed oil, vegetable oil, coconut fruit and coconut oil.

Thank you, Frank, for being transparent. Very important to note that this product is kind to our furry friends. It’s vegan and cruelty-free.


the results 


After continued use the bumps on my thighs and back of my arms completely disappeared. It treated my Keratosis Pilaris and my ingrown hairs. My texture has always really bugged me but didn't think it was possible to get rid of it. It was such an unexpected result. 


Everything about this product ticks all the boxes for me. Yeah, so the ziplock doesn’t close easily, big deal. Trump is in power, there are more important things to worry about. After immediate use, my skin feels like silk and I smell like a café. What more can a girl ask for?