How to do your eyebrows_ 1, 2 step baby

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Using your brow gel brush up and away from your face! I’m using the Tonya Crooks Brow gel, you can find it here. If you want a heavier brow, instead of brushing up and away, follow the natural shape of your brow.

  2. Let the brow gel dry.

  3. Go in with a brow pencil that matches your eyebrows and/or hair on your head. I’m using the Skinny Eyebrow pencil by the Browgal again. You can find it online here. Mimic natural hairs by making first contact the strongest part of the line. Make sure to go in light to start, and fill in only where necessary. Avoid a smudgey or blocky look. If this happens go ahead and erase that area and redraw.

That’s it, that’s all folks!



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Michelle Bali