How to do shit alone and not be uncomfortable


I’m such a solo bird and I always get people saying “I could never travel on my own” or “I don’t eat at restaurants by myself”. But it’s important to be fine in your own company.

So here is how to feel good being alone.

No headhpones

Unplugging and being less on your phone is key. You meet more people that way.

Talk to strangers

The more you do it the easier it gets. It’s a skill like any. Going out alone is actually more conducive to making friends than going out with a group.

Go out and do things you actually like

You’ll radiate positivity in your life and especially in the moment. If you do things you actually enjoy you’ll want to do things alone more often.

Start small

Don’t start in Zimbabwe. Start with doing the necessary things first like doing the groceries alone and then take it to the more intense moves like travelling.

The world is full of lonely people waiting to make the first move

Lol it’s a quote from Green Book. But it couldn’t be any more true. Most strangers will be ecstatic you’re giving them attention. But you will also get brushed off. And when you do it’s totally fine because you didn’t know them anyway so it’s not that deep. Make it a goal to get brushed off and you’ll see that the fear of rejection is scarier than the rejection itself.

Don’t force yourself

And at the end of the day, if you’ve tried it and you genuinely hate it, don’t force yourself to be something. If you’re more comfy among friends that’s groovy too.

That’s it that’s all.



Michelle Bali


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