glossier haloscope face highlighter review_ swatches and photos


haloscope swatches

Light to dark, left to right: Moonstone Quartz Topaz.

how to know which to choose

  • If you have are fair with light features (ex. blond/red hair) get Moonstone

  • If you are medium toned with features like brown hair and olive skin buy Quartz

  • If you have a deep skin tone with black hair for example get Topaz



  • Buildable

  • Extremely natural

  • Looks phenomenal in natural lighting

  • Dewy (NOT metallic)

  • NOT tacky. I have no idea how they do it. It gives you that wet vaseline look, without it being slippery.

  • Melts into skin


  • $27 USD for .1 oz, omg they're hoseing us

  • Not as easily accessible if you want to buy and try in person

here’s how haloscope in moonstone looks on

DSC03410 copy.jpg
DSC03413 copy.jpg

glossier haloscope review + first impressions

The nice thing about this product is it doesn’t really have a base colour once you massage it in. It melts right in and you can’t really see where the product starts and where it stops. So dreamy.

It’s the most “believable” (if you will), this-is-just-how-my-skin-is-naturally highlight I’ve ever used. I hate when I step into the sun only to realize my highlight is in fact, just glitter. This is so the opposite. It looks even better in natural light. 

  • Outer halo has the "adult-shimmer" (lol)

  • Solid oil core is moisturizing for a hydrated, dewy finish.

  • Claims: "hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free"…. All I'm really interested in is the cruelty free part. Maybe even the fragrance free part. 


where to buy glossier

For my remote friends and Canadian friends, you can buy your tubes of heaven here at

You can buy it online here or at the Glossier showroom locations in New York City, San Fran and at Rhea’s Cafe. 

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