glossier body hero review_ soapless body soap, does it work?


quick + dirty

This is going to be a quick and dirty review because I know everyone likes those. No pun intended.

pros and cons

✅ Smells like baby powder
✅ Starts off oily and turns to froth AKA sick shower experience
✅ Vegan, cruelty-free, soap-free (which is nice because soap can be harsh)

❌ Claims to deliver glowy skin, which it does not
❌ $22 USD soap is a little unlegit, and you're literally washing the product down the drain
❌ No tangible results that differ from soapful soaps

Here's what the product looks before it froths

Here's what the product looks before it froths

does it work?

I don't necessarily find myself more stanky when I shower with Body Hero versus showering with my regualr Dove bar soap.

Yes I use bar soap. I'm hurting for cash okay.

So yeah, it works like any regular soap should work.

should you buy it?

I don't want to discourage you from buying it, because it's not a bad product. But I would say its not worth the price tag in my humble opinion. If you're into natural, vegan, cruelty-free, trendy products because it makes you feel good it might be for you. 

If you still want to buy it after this rave review, do it up here: Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

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