give your hair a vacation_ living proof restore collection review


I’m not that into hair products

At least not at the moment. These guys kind of blew me away though. Could I get similar results with Pantene? Probs. Does Living Proof make me feel boujee though? ‘Lil bit. 


I tried these products for 2 weeks + here are my thoughts 

The experience

The packaging is on point, especially considering its the Sephora travel size. After using these products My hair felt and smelled like I just walked out of a salon. 


The results

I always use these all four at a time. My main concern with using the masks and conditioner was that I’d be left feeling greasy. I have short hair so to avoid greasiness, I never use conditioner. But there’s nothing greasy about these products. Not only that, I used them root to tip as instructed.


To the best of my knowledge, the shampoo doesn’t feel stripping. Obviously, it’s not apple cider vinegar natural, but from what I can tell, my hair doesn’t feel offended.


I was really impressed with how weightless my hair felt after I blowdry it, because the conditioning products are so creamy and heavy. My hair also looks really shiny after using which is never a bad thing.


Would I buy it again?

If I had money to blow there’s a good possibility I would. But for me, this doesn’t hit all my points I look for in hair care. For example, I love formulations that have ingredients I can actually read and understand. I think you would love this if you’re a haircare enthusiast because the experience is so luxurious. You feel like you’ve gone to the salon.

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That’s it that’s all.