fist-sized spiders + other adventures_ nicaragua day 4

Ok. So last night was interesting.

We slept at El Zopilote. They’re an environmentally and socially responsible yoga hostel located on a farm. Check out El Zopilote here. Their mission is cool but I have mixed feelings about their accommodations and here's why.

Shelbi and I stayed in a room mounted on a tree that was about 7 feet suspended in the air. You get in by climbing a ladder to a trap door. We noticed a relatively large beetle that was scurrying around so Shelbi took her phone light out to find it. With the light, she inadvertently revealed a furry spider on the wall the size of a palm. And then we somehow found another. And then another. Bye. 

Shelbi was still in her underwear as we created an assembly line to whip the packs down the ladder. At this point, I've lost perspective and I don’t know if we were being dramatic but our goal was to ditch the hostel altogether.

We made our way to the common area to see our friends Bassem and Donovan sitting there all alone, plotting and discussing frantically. They also discovered roommates. This isn’t New York. We couldn’t just hop into a taxi to another hostel so instead, we took to some hammocks outside. It was freezing so at some point in the night I peeked over at Shelbi and said, “so... how much room you got in there?” And we squeezed in together for body warmth. We could hear the breeze from miles away before it hit us and we'd have to brace ourselves for the freezing cold. When I woke up this is how I found the boys sleeping. 


So needless to say I'm tired but this morning I woke up for yoga at 6 am. When I would close my eyes it sounded like a real-life 90s relaxation soundtrack with the birds and breeze. Crazy. 

I'm now being ushered out of my last savasana by an overwhelmed Chris. Our shuttle is here to take us to our next excursion. 

Horses, hiking and waterfalls

Most of us are taking horses up the side of a seriously steep volcano that has a waterfall at the summit. I chose to walk so I can feel gratified when I reach the waterfall at the top. 


This waterfall is unbelievable. Bright green moss covers the stone wall and goes on forever touching the sky. I’m sweating like a wild bore so the moment I saw the water I made a beeline.


I floated on my back and then go directly under. Now I get why they have shower heads with a waterfall setting. I look over to see Donovan stood underneath the fall closing his eyes, clearly present in the moment and that makes me so happy. 


I get off my high horse and I ride a horse down for a bit. Her name is Australia and I feel her energy. She's gentle and sensitive. 


We by chance run into our couple friends from Granada. I kind of had to squint my eyes to make sure it was them. I bolted over into a huge hug where he picked me up and spun me around and it was the cutest reunition in history.

Once we get back to the hostel we have a few drinks and watch the sunset. 

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