adventures of the missing tide pool_ nicaragua day 7


I want to write this down now so I don't forget

 We just came back from an 8km walk on the beach. We stumbled upon a bomb street food truck serving tacos with authentic corn tortillas, and a mountain of nachos for about $5 per person.


An unexpected detour

We powered on to find this natural tide pool on Popoyo beach that --spoiler alert--we never reached because the tide was too high... hence the stock photo.

 I didn't actually mind missing it, in fact, I preferred that we didn't reach our destination because I got a taste of the art of letting go. I enjoyed, immensely the conversation with my new Bordeaux friend A'dria, and that was a whole new destination in itself, and I was happy for the detour. Yes, we set out to find something but there's no sense in resisting reality because it didn't pan out how I had planned. The conversation A'dria and I had... wow. She loves so deeply. She told me about a festival called Burning Man and couldn't believe I had never heard of it. She described it as being all about openness, sexuality and oneness. She used the example of, rather than people taking a sip from their water bottle and tucking it back into their purse, they'll take a sip and pass it on.


We talked about marriage and I told her I was ready for that but wasn't sure if I believe that it works. She agreed and made me die laughing when she understated, "I would like to do it but let's say we're in a marriage for ten years and it doesn't work I would be disappointed".


We had more intimate conversation and I very quickly grew to love her. She told me about her job and how it allows her to work hard a few months at a time and travel for the rest of her life. She told me about And here I was trying to build a business. I'm a digital marketer, graphic designer by trade. Shameless plug: You can check my work out here at if it interests you.

We kept collecting stray dogs that wanted to be pack leaders on the way home. First one who we named Pablo, trotted beside us and made his way up to the front tucking his ears back to be aerodynamic. Kept stopping and waiting for us every time we lagged, "keep up". He got distracted by a pizzeria and then about 3 minutes later we were greeted by another dog who picked up where he left off. 



We watched the sun go down just now. We've done that almost every day this trip. I Was shocked to see it go down so quickly. And it dawned on me that I've never watched a sunset before this vacation. Which is craziness because it happens every day. I have had over 8 thousand opportunities to watch the sunset. I don't know. I used to think watching the sun set was cheesy. And it seems to be a big part of travel culture? But now I see it as an awareness and more than that, a mindfulness of time. In an appreciative way. 

Chaos in the pool

How this happened I don't know, but I guess it started with someone fully clothed, running and jumping into the pool. Then another, then another. The whole Ruamoko hostel including the staff were in the pool jamming. It's complete chaos. Everyone is splashing, people are throwing each other around. I'm pretty sure it was the hostel owner that was breakdancing incredibly well. I've never seen such an absence of inhibition in one place.