the best highlighters out there


I want to introduce you to new mind-blowing products, so I'll skip the obvious ones (like Champagne Pop) for now.There's 3 kind of glows out there. The natural glow, the metallic glow and the wet glow.  Here are some examples, and then I'll let's talk about a highlighter for each look.

The wet glow

The natural glow

The metallic glow


get the look

The wet glow: via TonyMoly's Luminous Goddess Aura Beam

Yay!!! This is by far my favourite look. And also, why aren't more people talking about this product?!?! You can first add a cream highlighter like Benefit's Watt's Up, and then take a dab of the Goddess Aura Beam on your fingers. Apply in patting motions. This is really lovely on the eyelids over a simple wash of colour. Glossy lids seem to be a big thing at the moment. Be aware though, that this product is super heavy so blinking might not be an option lol. Buy it here.


  • Hard to get a hold of! Only have seen this
    brand at Shoppers Drugmart 
  • The packaging is kind of hideous 
  • Mine shattered a tad, and I wouldn't say
    I'm overly rough with it but I do travel a lot


  • So heavy, almost like vaseline
  • Slips and slides, and moves
    makeup around


  • Natural finish 
  • Amazing at achieving that wet look

The natural glow: via Vasanti's See the Light Highlighter in 'Golden Child'

I've talked about this before and will continue to talk about this until the day I die. Dust this on with a highlighting brush. I have the M501 by Morphe. I typically blend the two together, leaning more on the darker side when I'm more tanned, and dipping into lighter side in the winter. Dust this on the cupids bow. Hit 'dem cheekbones. Catch that nose bridge. And graze the forehead if your skin is feeling extra clear up there. I don't find this does much for the lids though. It doesn't look like much in the pan in comparison to say, Champagne Pop, but don't let that deceive you, it lights up the face like golden hour. Buy it here.


  • It would be awesome if they had a wider shade range


  • The finish is out of control gorgeous 
  • Doesn't look powdery
  • Doesn't emphasize pores
  • Supporting a Canadian brand
  • A single pan lasts forever


    The metallic glow: via Mac's Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl'

    This is such a multitool. Use this alone for a cross between wet and lit from within, or pop this on as a base for a serious metallic finish. Apply this with your fingers for warmth and control. Dusting on your fave powder highlighter and finishing off with a dewy setting spray, like the Fresh one in the picture above, will make you glow to the high heavens.  Buy it here.


      • -__-


      • Wide shade range for all skintones
      • Lasts a long time in the pan, especially for a cream product
      • Finish is unlike any I've ever seen

      In Closing

      There you are. Three highlighted looks to keep you warm at night.