7 beauty hacks, not even your momma knows about

7 beauty hacks.jpg

1. Make your hair grow like a weed

This is not click bait, I repeat... 
1. Flip your head upside down
2. Massage olive oil onto your scalp (apparently castor oil works even better, but I just used olive oil)
3. Continue massaging while upside down for five minutes
4. Repeat daily for best results

My people kept making comments about my hair growing really quickly. My friend Carly and I didn't see each other for a bit and when we met up again she was like, WHOA. Be mindful that you'll be a bit dizzy after coming back upright. I bailed on this after about a week due to my lack of self-discipline, but surely, the more consistent you are with it, the faster your hair will grow. Check Amazon to find the oil you like best.


2. Look wide awake without any eye makeup

Curl your lashes but don't apply mascara! Minimal eye makeup not only a really trendy look right now, but this technique works to make your eyes appear wide open without makeup. I use a this Shu Uemura one above. Buy it here.


3. Make your lashes and brows grow Speedy Gonzales 

This is less of a hack and more of a discovery. I was initially roped into a Latisse purchase, and when I ran out of the bottle I didn't refill due to the price point. Find out more about Latisse here. I then later found a similar product, RapidLash for a quarter of the cost which will do me just fine. Buy it here.

I've been told that this is how it works:
By applying it every night to your brows and lash line, you extend the hair's life stages, baby, teen and adult and dead. This means that the lashes fall out less frequently and are growing thicker and longer. I also noticed more shininess with my lashes.

4. Make those damn bobby pins stay

Do you ever come home at the end of the day and realize you started out with 4 and then are somehow left with zero? If you criss cross your pins, they'll stay in place all day. I've also noticed that jumbo bobby pins work much better than the regular size. Try these.

5. Ditch greasy roots and dry ends

Some shampoos can be stripping to the hair. On the flip side, some conditioners can make your hair overly greasy. If you find your roots to be heavy and greasy, and your ends to be dry and brittle, apply shampoo to your roots but not your ends. Apply conditioner to your ends and not your roots.

Cut back on the shampoo and conditioner all together if you can, and if you have short hair don't even mess with conditioner. I've been using this Alba shampoo, and it's not half bad.



6. Get more pigmentation out of your eyeshadow

Keep eyedrops by your shadows. Pack the brush with pigment and add a drop. When you apply this to the lid following a primer, you'll see less of your lid showing through and the colour of your shadow becomes bolder and brighter. Most eyedrops will do but you can find eyedrops here.

Be careful about dipping your brush back into the pan when wet. This can create a hard pan over.



7. Wear your eyebrows thick or thin

Stick with me through this one because it's kind of weird, but so painfully obvious that I don't understand why more people don't do this.

Shave your eyebrows.

I'm regretting my incessant plucking days of middle school, because now I want my brows to be huge. And with this growing out process, it's hard not to give into my Tweezerman. If I had shaved them from the get-go I wouldn't be missing patches of hair :( .

I use this razor eyebrow from The Face Shop. It's shape, in comparison to a normal razor helps in being precise. Like any razor, after a while the blade will loose its sharpness and you'll need to replace it.

I would say though, that this might not be for everyone. Someone with a super thick jungly brow would want to stay away from this if you want to aovoid the hairs growing back, poking out in all different directions. If you have a super thick jungly brow though, don't even touch them, wear those beauties loud and proud.