backpacking, san jose, costa rica + flyin solo_ day 13


Flyin solo

Said goodbye to the crew at the airport while also kind of deciding what I wanted do. I’m breaking from the group and goin' solo folks. The bus schedule said one departs for Costa Rica in an hour. Perfect. Kyle asked me what the plan was after I got off the bus and I said I didn't know. 

No plan is a good plan

As I was on the bus I was trying to figure out what my next move would be. Had a chat with a nice English guy on the Ticabus (if you're travelling Central or South America, the Ticabus will be your best friend), he said he was headed to Nosara. I really wanted to go there, but the logistics didn't really work out. Although I was excited to go there because of the yoga hostels, I let the "plan" go very easily because there is no plan. 


The dopest hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica

Started chatting with another guy. This guy is named Chris and he told me he was staying in a hostel called Selina in San Jose. Sold. I don't have a reservation but I guess I'll check in when I get there. 

The attendant on the bus told me he had to wake me up three separate times. I only remember him waking me up once. We cross the border and went through the motions. Nothing really seemed strict like it is in Canada. The procedures seemed like they were just put in place for the sake of it. Just because border patrol is rude to you doesn't mean you're safer, so I prefer it this way.


For what I'm about to say, dear god, I hope my parents aren't reading this

Chris, Jaqui (another solo traveller we picked up) and I were starving by this point. We set out in downtown San José to look for food. It was the oddest thing. Everything was closed at 11 pm. There were no signs of life. When we stopped to ask for directions, the gentleman kept pointing to his eye. Jaqui later told me he meant to say that we should be careful. Another woman told us we really should be in a cab instead of roaming the streets. So naturally, we walked home anyways. 

My presence was requested at a bar down the street but I had prior engagements with my pillow and The Power of Now; my first preplanned activity all day. 

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