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the trick

Gift giving is an art of which I have self proclaimed mastery. There's a 3-part formula to this. 1/3 practical, 1/3 sentimental 1/3 luxury-omg-I-would-never-have-bought-this-for-myself. A 3 piece gift sounds expen$ive, but don't worry; here are the ways to swing it.


part 1: the luxury gift

This by far is the hardest part, so let's knock this one off first. Pick one of their interests, then choose something that someone might have a hard time buying it for themselves.  

A Drugstore Palette

Any drugstore palette will do but I personally love The NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette .... This product is a one size fits all because it'll jive with any skin tone and is versatile as your skin changes through the seasons. Plus it fills up a bag nicely, while still maintaining a drugstore price. Buy it here.


A Vanessa Mooney Piece

Take this recco with a grain of salt, because I have personally never ordered their products, but their stuff does look bomb. At the moment, you can shop gifts under $20. Side note: do not buy anything full price. They seem to always have a sale going on. Their designs range from dainty to bold, tons of tones, tons of options, so something for everyone. Give it a go and let me know the verdict. Buy it here.


A Magazine Subscription

Make sure this is hard copy. There's something exciting about receiving a monthly little gift. It's nice to make time for yourself, get cozy and settle down with a mag. Check some examples out here.


part 2: the practical gift

This is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This is exactly what the person needs, but it does feel sweet not have to go out and get it. 


A Grocery or Gas Card

Yeah this feels a little impersonal. But if your friend is having a rough time this month, it should come across as thoughtful that you're looking out for them--especially paired with something a little more glam like we talked about earlier. Buy it here.


A Local Coffee Shop Gift Card 

Love to add this onto any gift because you have control over how much you want to spend. Everyone drinks coffee (except moi lol), and it feels nice to skip out on dropping dollars on drugs even for just a few days.  A Starbucks gift cards work too.


Phone accessories 

There's always something to be done regarding a phone. Having a backup pair of headphones is magical. A squeaky clean case is refreshing. A new privacy screen protector is genius. Take a peek at what gear they're werking with and find that hole in the system baby (pun intended). Buy accessories here.


part 3: the sentimental gift

This is my favourite part. You can even consider allocating all of your Benjamin's to this, especially if you're in the mood to cut on consumerism. Pick a cause you know your friend is passionate about and make a small donation on their behalf.

Donate Resources

Do your research and pick an organization you know and trust to use your money to its fullest potential. Some resources available include goats, sheep, chickens, trees, bed nets and books. Some popular organizations are PLAN International and World Vision.


Help Our Animal Friends

Same kinda thing as above. Def do your research to make sure you're ok with their $ allocations and core values. Check WWF for adoptions. 



Sponsor a Child

This ones definitely more pricey but I thought I would add it in because my friend gave me such a strong emotional reaction when she received it. This is 100% a stand alone gift. See what you think about World Vision.


A Frame

But not just any frame. Get a super pretty frame. Get a picture that you've taken together professionally printed, and stick it in the frame. How painfully obvious is this and yet so brill? I'm taking a page out of my sis' book. She did this for me and it felt so nice. It's not only a great way to spruce up a house, but they'll look at the photo and remember a good time with you. Home decor + bonding is always a win. Buy it here.


part 4: the card

This is important. Here is when you can tell your friend what they mean to you. If you have a hard time being sentimental in person, consider it a good opportunity to go one step further than a text message. Writer's block? Here are some prompts. 

  • What do you wish for them this year?
  • How does the world see them?
  • How have they affected you?
  • What have they taught you?
  • What are some meaningful and fun times you've shared together?
  • What do you see the both of you doing ten years from now?
  • What do you admire about them?

A sign off wishing them the most important things like inner peace, love and happiness is a great way to close.


That's it that's all folks. Leave a comment with what you've come up with!!