7 ways to spend less time on your phone so you don't miss life


I have been horrendous with screen time as soon as I started my blog. So here are 7 completely doable and realistic ways to detach. 


1. Monitor yourself but give yourself leeway

Being mindful of the time you've spent on your phone is the first step. I inherited this rule of thumb from a friend: if you're on Instagram for more than 10 minutes you'll develop a case of the scrollies.

It's a deep dark hole thereafter. Set a timer for ten minutes. Be patient with yourself, and give yourself some leeway in the beginning.


2. Make sure your time on the screen is productive

If you're scrolling through your feed with a vacancy behind your eyes that's when it's time to put the phone down. If you're using your phone to make a plan, advance your career or connect with a good friend, then do it. As soon as you notice you're mindlessly opening and closing apps, or just scrolling for the sake of it, switch gears.


3. Keep track of your usage

On your iPhone if you go under settings > battery you can see what app has being on screen for what amount of time. If you set 24h goals for yourself, you're in business.


4. Make social media less accessible

If Instagram is your weak point, stay signed out of it. Going the extra step of having to sign in might make you less likely to instinctively tap the app. You Can even stash away the apps do you spend most of your time on in a folder at the back of your phone.


*Intermission* because after all, this is a beauty blog

For a list of what's on my face see info at the end of this article!



5. Keep your phone out of the bedroom

If it's your alarm, then get an alarm clock you're excited about. This is by far the most important one. We all know how poopy it feels to be exhausted because you kept reaching for your nightstand.

An idea comes into your head and you must jot it down! Or, "has he read my message yet?" Or, "what year did Einstein die?" Let me check google.

I find that if I'm on my phone for too long before I go to sleep: a) it's harder to get to sleep in the first place and b) my sleep doesn't feel as restful. Plug your phone in in the kitchen and call it a night. Self-discipline sold separately. 


6. Here's a novel idea: leave your phone at home

I can think of 1 million excuses someone might have that this isn't a good idea. trust me it's a good idea. But make sure you have whatever you need for that day in physical form (Notes, credit cards, Walkman?). 


7. Interact with people

I think a big part of the reason we are so drawn to our phones is because we want to connect. If it means bringing yourself out of your comfort zone then do it. Strike up a conversation on a bus. You'll walk away feeling high. Face-to-face time makes me feel alive and its so addictive. The more you experience outside your phone, the less you reach for it. 

Whatever your poison: gaming or social media, these apps are designed to provide instant hits of dopamine and instant gratification for instant addiction. Keep this in mind and fighting the system will feel kind of rebellious. And kind of amazing.

I'm closing my screen and skipping off into the sunset in the real world.


I promise I'm wearing a shirt, it's the light lol

I promise I'm wearing a shirt, it's the light lol