2018 TREND ALERT_ dewy skin and bold wispy brows


Back when I was working with Nudestix I was given the inside scoop by makeup artist Brodine Rochelle that 2017 held a future of natural dewy skin, and wispy brows. Remember that this was 2016 and it was during the time of cake-face, heavy eyeshadow madness. I remember this because I supported the movement. I still do. 2017 was all about actually seeing the skin. The focus would now be on skincare rather than makeup. I shook my head, one pound of makeup making it heavier than usual. Shock and disbelief. Someone, can't remember who, made a makeup shaming remark across the meeting room table, "you'll learn one day". I quickly wished I hadn't covered my exhausted swollen lids with thick cat liner that morning.

Two years later and Brodine was right. I've watched the trickle of more and more people wearing less and less makeup. It surfaced on the gram, and made its way into mainstream media. Here's what I'm talking about:



get the look

Step 1: Pixi Glow Mist

For my dry skin peeps, spray this bad boy all over your face as a primer. (skip the forehead if you have bangs!). Set your makeup with this or you can even use this as the one and only step. If you're more oily, spray a brush and hit the high points of your face. You'll be left with glowy, healthy looking skin. I'm telling you, DO NOT SKIP THIS PRODUCT, it is essential for this look. Buy it here.



  • $20 CAD for 2.7 fl.oz, that's like zero product!


  • Makes the skin feel moisturized 
  • Leaves an glowy not oily finish
  • The mister is bomb

Step 2: Mac Face and Body or Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation

ever thought I'd say this since Vitalumiere has been my go-to for years but I would recommend Mac Face and body for most people.  Dampen a beauty blender and pounce this guy ONLY where you need it. Imagine yourself as an artist and your face is the artwork. Don't just slap it on everywhere. Look at your face objectively and pay close attention to where you want to add product. "Do I like this beauty mark? Yes, I'm going to leave it." Or, "Am I liking my my rosy cheeks? Kind of! I'll cover up only a bit". Buy Vitalumiere here. Buy Face and Body Here.



  • $64 CAD for 1 fl.oz YIKES!!!
  • Fragranced (bad for the skin!!)
  • Shade range sucks, only 6 shades


  • Buildable medium to full coverage 
  • Fragranced (smells expen$ive and delish)
  • VERY glowy finish
  • SPF 15



    • Light coverage with a natural finish 
    • Lightweight, feels like nothing!
    • SO natural


    • Narrow shade range 
    • $45 CAD for 4 fl.oz, yes the value is OK,
      but dropping $50 at once for foundation is
      kind of whack

    Step 3: Vasanti See the Light Highlighter in 'Golden Child' 

    Mix the two shades but dip more into the lighter shade in the winter, and dip more into the deeper shade during summer months. Definitely noticed that the golden shade looked ashy on me when I was fairer. Take a less dense brush and build up this product as you go, for control. Apply it down the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and DO NOT forget the cupid's bow, because this product compliments the cupid's bow so nicely. I can't say enough good things about this highlighter. It does not have the wet, shiny look that seems to be popular now, but it's so much better than that. It makes your skin look like it's just like that. It looks really really healthy, does not emphasize the pores, never looks powdery, and you'll die before you go through an entire pan. No clue why more people don't know about it. Buy it here.



    • Hard to get a hold of! Only have seen this
      brand at Shoppers Drugmart 
    • The packaging is kind of hideous 
    • Mine shattered a tad, and I wouldn't say
      I'm overly rough with it but I do travel a lot


    • The finish is out of control gorgeous 
    • Doesn't look powdery
    • Doesn't emphasize pores
    • Supporting a smaller scale
      Canadian brand
    • Lasts forever

    Here's a picture of me (left), with it on. See what I mean? It looks less like makeup and more like the light is just hitting me good ;) .  


    Step 4: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

    We've all seen this guy before so I'll keep it brief. The key here is to know where product does and doesn't need to be applied. Everyone's brows are different but for that wispy look focus only on filling the gaps lightly. Make the hairs closest to the bridge of the nose look like they're standing up. Try to avoid a solid brow. Buy Dipbrow here.
    TIP: Go for a pencil eyeliner brush instead of an angled liner brush. It's harder to go overboard like this. You can even go to an art store and pick up a really thin pointed brush as a $2-$4 cheaper alternative in contrast to a $20 "makeup" brush. Buy an art brush here.
    Side note: When I first tried this product years ago in Sephora, I didn't end up buying it because I thought it made my brows look WAY too heavy. The problem was my technique. That said, if you're a beginner I recommend you definitely give this a go, and just practise. You'll get it in no time.



    • There's a learning curve with this product!
    • Easy to go overboard


    • Tons of product, you'll never run out
    • Huge shade range (11 shades)
    • Buildabe for days when you want more and days when you want less
    • Stays on all day

    Step 5: Quo Clear Brow Gel

    Another crucial step to this process, brush those brows up baby! We want to see those hairs standing up above the structure of the brow. Refer to those example images up top. For my ladies and 'gents who want to grab and go, try the Shopper's Drugmart's Quo Clear Brow Gel  Buy it here. A less expensive solution (but more time consuming) and quite possibly more effective is using any old hairspray. Spray a finger, rub it between your other pointer finger, and apply. Comb through with a spoolie for more definition.



    • This product runs out VERY quickly
    • Only sold at Shopper's


    • Brows will absolutely stay in
      place all day
    • Cheaper alternative to ABH
      Clear Brow Gel
    • Product dries clear, not white
    • Product dries to a natural finish, not glossy

    In Closing

    This look is definitely not for everyone. Do what makes you feel beautiful and happy, not what the runways are pushing. If that means caking on the eyeshadow, cake it. If that means zero makeup, don't wear makeup. But in any case, I hope you've found this article helpful and if you have pass it along to someone who needs a little spice in their makeup routine.