OOTD_ get that 70's fit in 2018

If you want this exact look, just keep on reading.

I resented it at first like I do every other trend that pops up.  Phase 2 is understanding it. Phase 3, accepting it. I love and accept the 60s/70s vibe whole-heartedly. There's something very European about the fringe and the red polish. The delicate minimal makeup, the chunky gold hoops, the red tartan, the brown loose legged pants. I get giddy just thinking about it.

Here are the top picks to get that 70's look. P.S. I promise this is not an ad for Urban Outfitters. On the contrary, if you can find these thrifted, do it up. I just want to give you options that are accessible and easy for all y'alls.


get the look

70s Red Plaid

I popped this baby on backwards because I felt that there was too much hardware in my outfit I was wearing at the time. It worked out pretty well. Buy it here. Pssst, there's a matching bottom too!


The Brown Loose Slacks

Urban Outfitters coming through with the goods. These are an orangey-brown pair of slacks that perfectly mimic the burnt colour palette of that period. They're dress pants, so you can wear 'em to work. I wore them this NYE ;) Buy them here.


Chunky Gold Hoops

These are so crucial. The chunky gold hoops are so sick when you're glammed up. Buy them here. They're a bit oversized so if you're looking for a more subltle every-day alternative, try the lil sis pair. Buy them here. Very Michelle Pfieiffer, Pulp Fiction. 


Plastic Sunglasses

The whole plastic, thick-framed sunglasses thing really made an appearance in the 60s/70s. Buy them here. Especially poppin' at the moment are the cat eye shaped ones and the white rounded Kurt Cobain shades. These seem super trendy to me, and I'm sure they'll fall off any minute now. Check out Kensington Market if you're in Toronto or hit up Amazon even, for a less expeezy alternative. 


The Minimalist Leather Belt 

Use this as a benchmark for the kind of belt that I pop on with an outfit like this. Mine is vintage and I can flip it to show brown or black; which either is clutch for a 70's colour scheme. Don't drop tons of money on this. Belts have been made for years, so just thrift this piece. Hold off on that cowboy belt buckle shape and check out more minimal styles.


Awkward Flood Pants / Culottes 

These can be thrifted easily. I got great culottes by going into the maternity section of Value Village, and just grabbing a pair of capris. Pop those babies on high-waisted and you've got yourself a pair of culottes. This isn't really that 70's but they're cool, so thought I would share. Buy the ones show above here.