19 life lessons to take you into 2019


1.Nobody gives a shit

This could be the most disheartening or liberating realization. You choose.

2. If you want it, it’s yours

It’s never a question of whether you can or can’t do it. You can. It’s a question of how burning is the desire to do so.

3. Succulents need more water than you think

They’re low maintenance, but not that low maintenance.

4. Most of the things you worry about will probably never happen

5. The way you look doesn’t matter as much as you think

The way people perceive you has nothing to do with the way you look, but how you make them feel.

6. If (s)he doesn’t seem interested, they probably ain’t that interested

No one’s out here playing hard to get, they’re just not into you.

7. Runner’s high is not a myth

8. Holding a grudge hurts you instead

We hold grudges to punish people for hurting us, but grudges do the opposite of what we want them to do. Instead of affecting the other person we harm ourselves. They’ll go on with their daily lives obliviously, and we poison ourselves with our own thoughts.

9. Forgiveness will heal you

Forget whether they “deserve” your forgiveness or not. You deserve to forgive them so you can live your life in peace.

10. A software update will only make things worse

11. Give things away

Seeing someone happy with something you’ve just given them far outweighs the happiness you felt when you bought it and had it. I adopted this practise from my grandmother. When people compliment me on something I’m wearing for example, I give it to them and the feeling is literally like drugs.

12. Listen to your moms

They always know.

13. Don’t go at it alone

If you have a vision, fuck it up with a team of people who share the same vision. The most successful people never did it alone.

14. Don’t forget about yourself

You don’t get a gold star for skipping meals and staying up until 4 AM. Take care of yourself, you’re in it for the long run.

15. It’s better to live your life trusting until someone gives you a reason not to. Not the other way around.

16. Your objects serve you, not the other way around

My dad’s grandfather had a fancy car. He let it take him from point A to B, but never did he scrub it clean for an entire Sunday rather than spending time with his family.

17. 6ixbuzztv is a credible news source

18. Toronto is the best city in the world

19. If they give you their pie crust it’s probably true love