11 obvious makeup tricks you somehow didn’t know


1. Avoid clown blush

How to not be looking like Krusty the Clown

This happens to the best of us. One minute you’re cute and rosy and the next you’re Rosie the clown. Take your foundation brush, but don’t apply more product or you’ll risk the cake. Use what’s already on the brush to pat over the blush.


2. Ban the line of demarcation

When the foundation colour ain’t right

This fancy word just means that you can see where the foundation stops, and your natural skin starts; usually along the jawline. Yes there’s an actual word for it. Your foundation is either too dark, too light or not the right undertone all together. Worst case Ontario, focus your foundation lightly on the centre of your face until you find the right match.


3. Avoid Mascara smudging, running and crumbling

Sometimes its not your mascara’s fault

There’s a few reasons for this. If your concealer is too dewy, you’ll get transfer. Try setting your concealer with powder. If you’re wearing bottom mascara this can also be the cause. Use waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes. The mascara that I swear by is the Essence Rock ’n Doll. They’ve come out with an extreme version but I prefer the OG formula. 


4. Avoid foundation in your fine lines

You know the ones... forehead, marionette lines, under eyes

Less is more with this one. If you’re willing to give up the coverage, use liquidy foundations instead of cream ones. 


5.Get Perfect Brows

End the addictive cycle of over plucking your brows 

If you shave your eyebrows, You have the option and versatility on the days you’re feeling a bolder brow or a thinner one. Plucking and waxing ruins the hair follicle. So once you go wax you never go back. I talked about this in more depth in a  past article here: 7 Beauty Hacks not Even Your Momma Knows About. 


6. Get a razor sharp winged liner 

The right tools make all the difference

Opt out of felt tip applicators and try brush tip liners. I find that the felt tip, liquid liners dry out very quickly and skip on the eyelid, not giving you that solid, sharp, even line we’re all after. Guerlain’s Liquid Liner and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner have been long standing favourites. 


7. Avoid powdery foundation

What did I do before this?

Avoid powdery foundation
For those of you new to the beauty realm, welcome to the best tool known to man and womankind. Set your make up with a setting spray to melt all the layers together. I’ll mention this time and time again because I have no reason to mention another. The Pixi Glow Mist is my favourite setting spray to date.


8. Get full, but real lashes

When regular mascara isn’t enough but false lashes are too much

Use You-nique mascara combo. In the bundle you get a tube of mascara and a tube of fibres. The fibres is where the money is at. You can use the fibres with any of your favourite mascaras and it makes a huge huge difference in volume.


9. Make your highlight look natural

When your highlighter is more glittery than glowy

Throw it out. We all know the feels. Looks great in the bathroom but looks like a kids project in the sunlight. Just chuck it, donate it, do what you have to do to get that negative energy out of your life. A good rule of thumb is to try the product out in natural light before buying. 


10. Choose foundation that doesn’t turn orange

I’m having high school flashbacks 

When this happens, likely there are ingredients in the formula that are oxidizing. Check your foundation’s ingredient list for these top offenders: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide.


11. Keeping your energy beautiful

Think Jennifer Lawerence 

You know when someone is pretty average looking and then the more you know them, the more you see them as absolutely stunning? Be kind to yourself, your mind, your body, your friends, your family. Be kind to animals, to strangers to plants and physical objects. Love, love, love. Easier said than done. But the best beauty trick is the one that requires no makeup at all.

Thank you to the beautiful  Annie Spratt  for her photography. You can find her on Unsplash here!